Joey and Eva, Earlham Park

Great things happen when unplanned

As a photographer I spend lots of time taking photos for others, but neglect our own…don’t get me wrong, I have thousands of snapshots on my phone of all sorts of lovely little moments, I just don’t often get out my ‘proper’ camera and make time for our own little shoots, and I really wanted to get some special ones for the walls.

The day I finally thought about taking my camera out on one of our walks, it was so grey I almost just left it at home for another time. We were still going anyway, so thinking maybe I’ll just get a few today, I took it along….

It was so relaxed, and I was able to really capture lots of character and natural shots just watching them play.

We had an unexpected burst of Autumn light just as we were coming out from the ‘dark tree den’ and I got one of my favourite shots ever of them just walking over towards the sun!

Eva found her very own Stick Man, and Joey tried lifting the biggest ‘sticks’ (trees!) he could find. They kicked leaves, climbed fallen tree trunks, and walked hand in hand together – it was so lovely watching them just enjoy the outdoors. Always different, unplanned and Free! and seems to be the best kind of fun!

Eva got a little annoyed that she couldn’t climb the same tree as high as Joey, but he turned it into an entertaining show for her and she was then laughing away…more lovely surprise photos….thank you Joey. They found a huge branch that was turned into a see saw, and a pumpkin – or ‘bumpkie’ as Eva would call it in a tree.

These are from two separate walks, but both at Earlham park last week as they really wanted to go back again. Joey really wanted a photo of him giving Eva a hug and a kiss at the end of the walk but that only happens on Evas terms – so instead we got a funny Eva Diva expression!

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