love story photography - our story


One of my first jobs was at Jessops, processing the now ‘old fashioned’ 35mm films, filling ink tanks and sorting reels. I would find myself second glancing interesting shots, and smiling at peoples excitement upon collecting their photos. It was in my time there that I realised my interest in photography.

I found most proffesionnal photos were very posed then…studio shots of children with red eyes from their previous protest. Lots of replicated, formal wedding shots, and expensive ‘per print’ packages.

I wanted to offer a more relaxed, and undaunting ‘kick your shoes off’ approach. Instead of photography being something people generally dread, I wanted to offer a more enjoyable experience – capture laughter in a piggy back race, sand between toes, a romantic stroll in the park – natural photos with more emotion and personality. This is where the name ‘YOURstory’ and ‘LOVEstory’ evolved from.

For my 21st Birthday I got a great starter camera. Friends and family fell in love with photos I was taking for them. It was a bit of a journey but I eventually ventured out on my own and became a full time photographer, gradually gaining confidence to step in to my ultimate dream of wedding photography…that was 7years ago now and I really don’t know where the time has gone! I love it like I started yesterday. LOVEstory is now continually growing and each wedding is as special and unique as the first one.

There are so many precious times to capture at a wedding, and trying to get lots of different angles alone is tough. I always found I wanted to be in two places at once, with this in mind, my mum, Sue now shoots alongside me, we both have a passion for wedding photography, we are constantly now competing with equipment (which can become expensive) but it really works great.

I feel very grateful for all of the recommendations we get from previous clients and it is great to often see the couple again at their friends/relatives wedding. One of my favourite parts of it all is presenting the collection and seeing clients laugh, shed a tear, or gasp at an images. I feel priveIedged to be able to provide this and these memories.

Thank you for taking the time to read ‘our story’….I hope to meet with you soon to hear all about your plans for your wedding day and to capture ‘your story’